January 29, 2018 News

Investors in Mining Stocks Strike Another Victory in Court

December 20, 2018. Morganti & Co., P.C. announces that the Ontario Divisional Court has denied the defendants’ motion to appeal Justice Belobaba’s decision granting the investors leave to proceed to advance to trial asserting their provincial Securities Act claim found at Wong v. Pretium Resources Inc., et al., 2017 ONSC 3361.

The Courts have concurred with Andrew Morganti’s opinion that a mining company cannot withhold adverse news about mining operations on the premise that management is optimistic that the adverse news may never come to fruition.

Andrew Morganti is now constructing a team of trial lawyers to co-represent the investors, regardless of residency, that purchased Pretium Resource’s securities between July 23 and October 9, 2013. Mr. Morganti adds that the trial lawyer team will include a few of the top trial lawyers across Canada.

“This is a great result for the global investor that purchases the securities of Canadian mining companies. With this law in place, the securities of Canadian mining companies should earn a premium on their valuations.”