Reza Shaffaf

Chief Information Officer

Technology should get out of your way, and make your day-to-day work easier. If you have to adapt to your solution, it isn’t the right solution. Your technology should empower you and “just work” when you need it to.

Reza is passionate about helping people leverage technology to improve communication, simplify mundane tasks, seamlessly transition from office to remote work, and generally work more efficiently and effectively.

Reza joins the Morganti & Co team bringing his engineering and entrepreneurial background along with years of experience working in tech at Toronto startups, consulting on media and marketing technologies, and running his own software development company BusyNinja Inc.

Through his tenure at Morganti & Co, he has helped staff transition to “work from home” protocols during the pandemic, supported cloud-based document management and sharing policies, improved securities communications and most recently, helped streamline the administration of settlement proceedings.